Each day of the week is magical in it’s own right. Believe it or not, when it comes to magic, the seven days of the week, all have very different planetary influences and colours. if you align your activities with the colour vibrations and energy the days of the week represent you will find you will have better results and generally feel better in yourself. MONDAY – WHITE or SILVER A day to clear away any dross that is holding you back. Today is a great day to do the things you have been putting off, freeing you for a lighter and productive week ahead. Wear white clothes and silver jewellery to connect with this colour. Programme a moon stone to clear away anything that no lobger serves you. Planet:Moon Stay tuned for tomorrows colour! TUESDAY – RED A day to get moving and put into action projects that you feel passionate about. Connect with the energy of your ideas and intentions and prioritise the ones where you feel there is more energy. And especially today take your attention to your loving heart. Valentines is associated with red, a colour associated with love, passion and energy. Enjoy the red energy of today Planet: Mars WEDNESDAY – YELLOW A day to concentrate on ideas, blow away any feelings of depression, raise your self-esteem. A great day to look at your purpose and how your activities align to that. Then set up a strategy to realise your dreams and ideas. Planet: Mercury THURSDAY – ROYAL BLUE A day to communicate and express your creative self, wind down. And look at what you want to expand and take steps to realize this on this day. Planet: Jupiter FRIDAY – GREEN A day to come back to your centre, to connect with your heart and your hearts desires. A good to bring in new growth into your life. Planet: Venus SATURDAY– INDIGO A day to tune into your inner knowing and intuition, take time to go within and re-assess your direction Planet: Saturn SUNDAY – ORANGE A day to recognise the joy of life, be grateful for what you have and spend the day doing what you love to do. This is the day for you, so you feel energized and full of vitality. Planet:Sun