Lime Green Energy – New beginnings, clarity, detox, healing, manifesting,renewal.LIME GREEN-2     Lime green symbolises new beginnings, clarity and powers of manifestation. It puts a spring in your step with its promise of growth, new beginnings and possibilities. This in someway not only represents the spring season but I associate this colour also with the month of September, as kids and students take on new classes, start school for the first time, and everyone goes back to work after the summer break with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. This brings with it a renewal, and gives off a sense of it being a new year a fresh start. Lime green offers you a second chance to redo, to make changes and to have new experiences. Take on something different, try something new.         This colour is very much abundant in the spring season when a little more light emerges from the dark winter months bringing with it a greater sense of hope and growth, where things and people become more alive. You feel that life is brighter, there is a burst of positivity and nature starts to emerge and unfurl right before your eyes. me take strolls outdoors, walk in nature, smile, sit outside and people-watch. This all makes up lime green.   Heart of the matter In linking to the heart center lime green helps connect I to our heart’s desire with clarity and lightness which brings with it manifesting powers.   If you are drawn to this shade of green you are entering a phase of new beginnings. A message of caution comes with this colour choice. Look at your ability to manifest what you have been working towards. Make sure your thoughts, feelings and actions are leading you to where you want to go and what you want to manifest.   This colour’s associations with nature reminds I that me possess the qualities me see in nature; the abundant green, and growth where there is more than enough to go around. Yes, YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.   Lime time Consider taking some space for stillness in your life. Another message from lime green is to take time in nature to allow growth and renewal to manifest and take place. Only when me nourish and care for our own selves can me do the same for others.   Colour statements with lime green: Focus on these words and the energy of lime green as you repeat these statements. Feel free to create your own. • Lime green fills my heart and soul so I go free to have plenty. • All my desires and dreams are now aligned and manifested in my life. • I am filled with lime green as I fully embrace the new in my life. • I am worthy enough to manifest and have all my needs met.