Gold energy – Wise, inner knowing, powerful, self-sacrifice, wealth, prosperity
Graphic1 The traditional gold colour meaning is that of power. It’s the colour of wisdom, knowledge, luxury, wealth and power having one of the highest vibrations of all colours. Gold signifies great strength and power Notice how plentiful it is amongst the royals, see it’s magnificence in beautiful old palaces, churches, and temples. A colour widespread in India and Tibet. The colour gold brings with it great riches, both in knowledge and wealth. It’s associated with the sun so me find me are blessed with golden sunsets. It’s strongly linked to the Divine and to raised spiritual enlightenment. The golden power is protective, and can lighten up a dark room in seconds, but as with the sun, you can get burnt from its power so make sure you use it in a positive way. Golden_Sunset_by_Skorpion66 If you are lacking fortitude this is the colour that will strengthen your spirit, your energetic field and protect you from all harm or weakness. Gold is a colour where its attributes can only be earned and not learnt. You can only hold this colour in your aura when it is one of your soul colours or where you have done enough spiritual development and self discovery and know yourself well. Going for gold Choosing Gold as a favourite colour indicates a love of success with an inherent ability to be very successful. This colour can fill you with optimism, intelligent ideas and the motivation to put plans into action. This colour can be used to protect and strengthen your auric field and have you shine golden light wherever you go.Try out some golden statements. Colour statements with gold energy. Focus on the words and the energy of gold as you repeat these colour statements. Feel free to create your own. • I am enveloped in the golden ray of protection and light • With gold I am open to golden opportunities. • As I breathe in gold I attract great wealth and prosperity to me now • I feel powerful and protected in golden light. If you would like to tap into your golden opportunity, then lets set up a 30 minute discovery session, click here to access my diary.