Welcome to the new energy of 2022. I am thrilled to share the colour vibration for this year, what it means for you and how you can harness its power to support you rather than challenge you.  

2022 brings in the Indigo ray that is associated with intuition, soul, creating new structures, deconstruction of old ways of being, depth, and  truth.  As well as that it will have you trust in what you know deep within, trusting in the Divine Plan and Divine Source of the highest consciousness that exists.   

This year will bring us deeper into Divine truth, wisdom and justice. If I was to give it two words it’s NEW LIFE! 

One thing’s for sure, every single one of us will be making changes!  The good thing through these changes is that you are not alone. 

2022 is the year we birth the new cycle of life into form. There will be moments of wobbles until we find our feet, get used to the high frequency of 2022.

You can catch the full video reading by clicking the video below.

We are being blessed with two Divine Feminine Goddesses that you can call on this year- Teresa Of Avila (Our lady of the interior life) and Sekhmet (The Red Lady).  Teresa of Avila knew about the spiritual wealth we all possess and have access to if we are willing to go inward. She emphasises the importance to meditate, pray, carve out moments of silence  in order to reach that inner sanctuary where the soul resides.She had a bookmark that supposedly read “If you have God, you will want for nothing.  God alone suffices”.  

Sekhmet reminds the world of female power!  It is female power that ends wars, that brings children home, seeks justice for the earth and defends justice and fairness.  Sekhmet is the sacred call to move that anger from pure emotion into conscious action.  She wants us to act with conviction and from love.  She wants us to create healthy boundaries so we can free ourselves from destructive patterns we know deep within it’s time to end.   We have the Divine right to draw a sacred circle around us at all times.  

So remember you have got this, and the Divine has got you.

Wishing you a truly expansive and magical 2022! If you would like to harness the power of this amazing ray and be supported  by me in one of my private one to one containers or Divinely Prosper Program, then click here to book a breakthrough call to see what your soul is calling out for.