2019 is here, let us ground gentle in to the YELLOW RAY which is here to accompany us this year. Each ray has its own positive and shadow aspect and so we will experience the two sides of yellow. The positive aspect being positivity, joy, confidence, self esteem, shining like the sun, courage, intuition, visibility and shining our true light. The shadow side to work with will be fear, being pessimistic, discernment and over analysing. In a one liner summary it will be the year to get act on your word, walk through fear, live outside your comfort zone and you will be tested to see just how good you can let your life get. See below this months video: It will be well worth spending the next 8 minutes getting the low down on how to embrace this magnificent yellow year we are being given.  Remember you get the opportunity to make most each of the 365 days 2019 offers.  What would you create what would your life look like if you made the most of each one. Wishing you a fun filled bright shiney 2019! Much love, Marcia xo