I was just about to close my eyes here in Paris and then I got the nudge to write this New Moon Message and guidance. We have another powerful one loves! It’s a new moon in Taurus and Uranus is moving into Taurus for the next 7 years! This marks a new phase of the unfoldment of our collective growth, consciousness and evolution. Uranus’s revolutionary energies will be helping us shift into new ways of relating to our planet Earth, the material plane, and what we value.
We are being called to live and create new ways that help transform our cultural views of both the Earth and Women. I have been saying now for some time why we are being called to focus on the Divine Feminine presence is because once women claim and live from their power of creation, love, intuition and wisdom then it will enable men to live from their Divine Masculine Selves. It is time for us women to honour and value ourselves and this new moon is here to activate this. So it isn’t more ‘DOING’ it’s more “BEING’ and CO-CREATION and MAGIC we are being asked to live from. We are being invited to connect in to our senses and inner knowing and truth. Through these times of change, ground into the heart of Mother Earth. To that crystalline energy where you can steady, and from that place move forwards. So use this time to give yourself a break, spend time in Nature and remember that colour, music and sound are portals that can open our bodies to Spirit. Embrace these colours in nature, embrace the music and sounds of nature and let yourself be moved to where your soul is calling you on this beautifully liberating new moon. Wishing you sweet dreams and much love,